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    Matt at VA Symposium       A fan of all woodturning, I am most interested in functional turning. Underpinning my interest is the challenge of repetitive production. The world of woodturning excites me, most particularly the practical purpose that seemed so prevalent in days gone by. My technical background and interest in technical writing compliment my enjoyment of woodturning enhancing my continuously growing skill as a turner. I believe that my efforts are most rewarded when I am able to produce an item that is useful to daily living. I also believe that the hallmark of a craftsman is his or her ability to reproduce their work on a routine basis with skill and precision. Understanding the turning process and its varied techniques is of great importance to me and my motivation as I read about, study and interact with the woodturning community and its many interesting characters. I seek a complete understanding of the craft and look for every opportunity to improve. 

         Although steadfast in my own approach to woodturning, two gentlemen in particular have helped season my turning philosophy with their own unique, but contrasting approaches. Myron Curtis’ and Richard Raffan’s methodologies share common threads with my notion of a woodturning style. Consequently, I suspect my style is laced with the nuances of Myron’s and Richard’s proven techniques - thank you gentlemen for sharing your knowledge with all of us woodturners!

         Sharing is important to the woodturning community, particularly if we are to pass the skill to the next generation. I am hopeful that I can pass the knowledge I gain on to those interested and also contribute to influencing youth to give woodturning a try in hopes of having them catch the bug!

    Best regards,


    22 JAN 11


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