Tri-color Turner's Emblem
Tri-color Turners

“Makers of Utilitarian Woodturnings from the Little Brown Garden Shed”

We are part-time turners and our principle interests are in turning items that are useable, functional, and practical.  Underpinning our interests are the challenges of repetitive and production turning.

                                                                                                   We broadly categorize our turning interests as:

  Contemporary Treen, Decorative Art, Functional Component, Industrial    Support, and Tool Making.  We have developed a blog for those interested  in discussing and sharing ideas about this type of  turning entitled The Pragmatic Woodturner.

Our intention is to organize this website into recreational turning and commercial turning  We are currently studying the commercial side and eventually plan to include it as we become more committed.

We also developed this website as a reference source for fellow woodturners. Our desire is to share our  knowledge of the craft and to consolidate relevant information that we find useful.

The inspiration for the name of our group is Truffle the tricolor Smooth Collie.  As our loyal companion, he guards and protects us when we are out in the shop turning. Truffle

We designed the emblems for Tri-color Turners to reflect us.  We wanted to recognize our work beyond our individuality and decided that a more formal name would be appropriate and that it should reflect the status of our lives at the time we discovered woodturning. While we modified the inside of our 10’ x 12’ shop to accommodate our lathes and auxiliary equipment our loyal friend Truffle guarded us.

It  occurred to us that his loyalty and dedication should be acknowledged and therefore seemed appropriate that he be included in the emblem. We also wanted to recognize that woodturning is a family affair for us so we included the male and female stick figures on the wood shop that Truffle guards.

U.S. and U.S. Army Flags

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